Freepack backpack

Several people asked me how I carry things on my tikit. Well when I was touring Hokkaido in ’06 with a group of Bike Friday riders, we by chance met a Japanese cyclist on a Bike Friday! He had this cool backpack perched on the back of his seatpost that clicked on and off. I found out it’s made by a German company, Rixen & Kaul, that makes lots of innovative bike bags to carry everything from groceries to your dog. His pack was called  Freepack Meta 1 (it’s under accessories –> bags on their site). When I got back to Eugene I found out there is no Rixen & Kaul distributor in the U.S. It’s available in Europe and Japan. Well I had to have one so I begged my Japanese BF friends who were coming over for the week-long Cycle Oregon to bring me one. (Thank you, Maki-san!).

Express tikit in Tokyo

Express tikit in Tokyo

The interesting thing is that the Klick-Fix seatpost mount for the backpack is available in the U.S. from Detours and we have it at BF. If I have more stuff to carry, I use a TEECO bag on the tikit front rack. It has a molded rubber bottom and stands up by itself so it’s handy for grocery shopping and for carrying books to my French and Korean classes at the UO.

Here’s a picture of me riding in the rain from Shinjuku to Tokyo Station to catch the Narita Express train to the airport. The Freepack backpack comes with a rain cover and a clever elastic mesh things that holds your helmet.

It’s the little things that make biking a pleasure!

(Where’s my suitcase, you ask? Shipped to the airport via takkyuubin delivery service, of course.)

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